Shoshana Vegh and Aslıhan Çiftgül's paths crossed for the first time last year at an art event they attended in Athens, Greece.

The fruit of mutual sincere love, respect, friendship and solidarity between Israel and Turkey in a short time was crowned with this book, in which Shoshana's poems embraced Aslıhan's paintings wholeheartedly.

In the following days, with similar feelings, the well-known award-winning painter Christophe Baudin from Paris, France was also welcomed to the project, as he was so influenced by the unique blend of art and friendship that Shoshana and Aslıhan were creating.

ACT OF LOVE is a valuable art piece proving that the mightiest sword which may ensure honorable, eternal peace over humanity, which has the power to eliminate 'fate-bound' differences (such as language, religion, race, gender, geography, and origin) in dignity is ‘ PURE LOVE' that we should all kneel down before.

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